Monday, February 09, 2009

Trans Fat in Birds Too!

Who would have thought that trans fats would be found in birds. Apparently studies from Herring Gulls around the great lakes area have found trans fats in the bird eggs. The source of these trans fats? Dumpster diving for food. The stocking of the Great Lakes with Pacific Salmon has the unintended consequence of impacting the food supply of the Herring Gulls. The salmon population consumes many of the small fish that comprise the diet of the birds. They do what they have to do to eat. Now that we have used salmon to replace trout the fight for food is on between the fish and the birds. This is just one impact that has been found from a single action. We need to consider the impact on the broader environment whenever we take actions in nature. This does not mean we need to be paralyzed into inaction but we never now how far down the line humans are and what the impact will be on us.

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