Friday, February 06, 2009

Nuclear Stimulus

As this "stimulus" bill drags on it becomes more like a giant spending bill with special projects. Here is an example of the backlash being triggered.

SpeakUp Now Against Another Bailout:

Exclude Nuclear from Economic Stimulus Package

The US Senate is currently debating the economic stimulus package. Spending money wisely to create jobs that will come online quickly should be the sole criterion for allocating this money.

But when it comes to nuclear power plants, it’s expensive money. Too expensive. Tell your Senator to EXCLUDE NUCLEAR from the stimulus package.

Exelon Needs Tax-payer Money

A new provision slipped into the economic stimulus bill could allow up to $50 billion more in taxpayer-backed loan guarantees for the construction of new nuclear reactors, including Exelon’s proposed project in Victoria County.

This Exelon project is voracious. It eats tax dollars and guzzles all our water. How much?

  • According to the Nuclear Energy Institute, it costs about $1.5 million per job created by nuclear power. That’s a lot of money to create one job. You and I will be paying that bill if the nuclear industry receives this bailout. Is this the best use of money to create jobs in Victoria?
  • One job at the Exelon nuclear plant will consume 34 million gallons of water per year. In stark contrast, at VISD, Victoria’s largest employer, one job consumes just seven gallons of water.

Get Involved

1. Contact Your Senator

Click here to contact Senator Hutchison.

Click here to contact Senator Cornyn

2. Sign our online petition.

Take Action Now

Please call or write your senators and tell them to be sure to exclude nuclear energy from the stimulus package. If you were to get your friends, co-workers, and neighbors to write their senators that would really help, too. Here are some talking points:

  • Nuclear jobs in Victoria County are wasteful of precious taxpayer dollars.
  • Nuclear jobs in Victoria County come at the expense of the last remaining water in the Guadalupe River Basin—this is the wrong place.
  • The Nuclear Industry Institute admits it takes $1.5 million dollars to create one job in the nuclear industry.
  • Allowing the nuclear industry to access stimulus money won’t create jobs in Victoria County for many years.
  • Wall Street will not fund new nuclear plants because the economics don’t make sense. Why should taxpayers?

Nuclear is too expensive for Victoria.

Thank you for speaking up.

This is from the TSEPA, a group of citizens concerned about a nuclear plant in their area. Take some time and support them by writing your Senator and Representative.

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