Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Body Shop- A Greenwashing Pioneer

The Body Shop has been around for a number of years. Many people have believed that the products sold there, and the company as a whole, were sustainable, socially responsible or however you want to put it. Unfortunately, this was not the case and many consumers were fooled into paying more for products that were not as advertised. They did pay for a nice idea I guess. An article titled "The myth of the Green Queen" sums it up nicely about The Body Shop founder Anita Roddick.

With environmentally conscious products appearing everywhere consumers need to be aware of what they are actually buying. Maaco even advertises a "green" paint job for your car just to show how far things have gone. Buyer beware is more pertinent than ever.


Anonymous said...

Just looking around the internet now, after looking at the video "Story of Cosmetics", searching for guidance about where is safe and ethical to buy cosmetics from. Anyone know does such a resource exist? One that gives info on which brands/shops are best?

FeButterfly said...

Check - great place to start!