Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Is Recycling Effective?

Curbside recycling programs have been established for a number of years and recycling "centers" are even on street corners so you can contribute while you're out and about. I've maintained the position that formal recycling programs are an excellent way to reduce waste but I have also felt that it is an easy way out for individuals. Rather than thinking about what we buy if we split the waste into four bins we've done our part. Also, how effective are these programs?

Again, The Economist comes through. (Just as an aside, their magazine and online site is a wealth of information on just about everything it seems.) They have reported on the evaluation of recycling programs to determine if they were effective. Read the article (The Truth About Recycling) for details on the evaluation and more about recycling. One point of note is in the final section that speaks to the fact that most products are not designed with recycling in mind. Most are not bought with recycling in mind for that matter. If we can change our production and consumption patterns to be in line with the environmental impact then we won't need to be legislated into doing so.

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