Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Want to start a green business?

If you have ever wanted to start a green business now is as good a time as any.I have the opportunity to have a few questions answered by a green entrepreneur. I am asking for 5 questions from readers to ask. I will be selecting which questions get asked and I have a few of my own that I will also pose. Hopefully we can get some information about operating a business that is associated with green living. Please email me the questions by Thursday (I have an "email me button" in the right sidebar) and I will send them off on Friday. I don't want to give away to much but the business is in the retail sector in the United States. Thanks in advance for your input.


loveambassador said...

I am very interested in the green movement. Thanks for your blog. I find it hard sometimes to see the incredible waste and unconscious treatment of our environment!And congratulations on the honor of blog of note.

SSC said...

I would read Single Ma's fabulous financials. She gives great tips on starting your own business.

blr said...

This is perfect timing. I am just starting my own green business and have been wondering how to go about ensuring that all of my suppliers are on the up and up. Some things, like fabrics, come with some form of certification, but with other supplies it is really pretty vague. Plus, many of my potential suppliers get their products from far too many sources for me to truly verify every product's authenticity. I am trying to use as many small home grown businesses as possible- which means there is not a whole lot of information on them to even be researched. I want to ensure my customers- and myself- that my products are really green. Any advice? Thanks.

(I tried e-mailing this as you requested but it got bounced. I'm pretty sure the prob. is on my end.)

A. Caleb Hartley - Business Consultant & Entrepreneur said...

How, as a newbie entrepreneur, could someone choose exactly what to focus on in a green business?

There are so many ways to be green - and even more ways NOT to be. How does one ensure that they are "green enough," since being completely green (in the eyes of many environmentalists) is an impossibility?

I guess my question for a current green business would be, "What are the most important green choices an entrepreneur can make?"

A. Caleb Hartley
environmentastic! - the green good & the green bad

Blake said...

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