Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Stimulus

The group Americans for Prosperity is circulating petitions against any "stimulus" plan. Some of there reasons are summarized below:

NO to more taxpayer-funded bailouts and giveaways to special interests!

NO to using economic hardship as an excuse for Big Government power grabs!

NO to heaving trillions of dollars in new debt on the backs of our children and grandchildren!

NO to this no-stimulus scam!

I don't know much about the group or there goals. I'm not really that interested, frankly. However, they are raising several issues that seem to have gone unnoticed in the promotion of the plan. It does seem like everybody is on board with a package and President Obama is warning of crisis and collapse. The fine print on these plans doesn't do as much as advertised or seem to serve dual purposes. For example, there are 2 billion dollars planned for advanced lithium-ion batteries for automotive applications. Is that going to bring electric cars on the road or a thinly disguised subsidy for the Chevy Volt? Is funding for nuclear plants part of an overall energy strategy or subsidies for a largely unprofitable industry that generates dangerous waste? Large omnibus bills like this stimilus package can easily hide small things that seem innocuous. Strategies that are targeted to specific problems that can have measureable results will go a lot further in my opinion. But, I'm not in Congress...

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