Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

Quitting smoking is usually a top New Year's Resolution. Two new reasons to quit may be worth looking into.

If you live in the U.K. you may limit your access to government healthcare according to a story in The Guardian.

Also, smoking is a very polluting activity according to this story at TreeHugger.

A couple of more reasons to quit this year. If the U.K. proposal goes through I am sure it will spread to other countries that have government health insurance. A shift to responsibility in society may change policies in many areas, including pollution. If individuals can be held accountable industries will hopefully be held to the same standard.


DP said...

My new years resolution is to stop smoking crack. Just kidding. No but seriously, one of the major problems in the world today is indeed the environment. Yet for some reason, people don't seem care much about this hot topic. I'd like to comment on an earlier post, about Indias dismal environment. I knew that things were bad in the States, but I had no idea things were this bad in countries like India. I believe that the UN or the G-8 nations should come together and put in affect some kind of global law which benefits the environment. Even if its something as simple as having a global energy conservation day. That way we can all help India get their islands back.
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monkeyS said...

Another reason to quit smoking is so you are no longer contributing to the six billion pound profit (Yes, profit, thats whats left after the cost of treating smoking related illnesses) that the UK government makes from tobacco sales and spends on...erm....stuff. Probably pay increases. For themselves.

Is there anything that could be a better and more satisfying reason for giving up?

Jamie said...

You will find there are more reasons than the UK health care coverage to stop smoking - really, you don't want to be treated for anything smoking related.

Good luck and happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year 2008

lelly said...

Hmm, the nanny stae, some cry. I occasionally muuter it.
It seems to me, although this MAY encourage some people to take better care of themselves..its just another money saving ruse. "You smoked two fags a day for three weeks? Sorry, back of waiting list for hip replacement."
YEah, the NHS is in debt. The reason is not immagrration, hip replacements or even smoking.
Its the SHIt management that goes on,unbelievable fat cat bullshit. They are simply making the most money they can and feck to the rest.
Erm. And. Happy new year! :D

Jen said...

I live in the states, Austin, TX to be exact--known to be a big party down but recently they passed a no-smoking ban in most bars. I've been half-heartedly trying to quit for several years, but it's just so damn hard in a bar--a drink and a smoke just go hand in hand. Most smokers had a cow about not being able to inside anymore, but it's actually pretty nice--my clothes don't stink and I've cut down a lot.

There are a lot of psychological reasons why people smoke, obviously. A cigarette becomes a friend to the lonely and the insecure. I think the best way to quit is to take up some other activity that just doesn't go with smoking, like pottery. I can't smoke a cigarette with clay-covered hands. Sometimes you've got to cut smoker friends out, too, which is hard.

Great blog, by the way. Thanks!

OrcaDan said...

Cool. I hate smoking. There is friggen Rat poisin in it. I hate it!
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R08 said...

It's funny that the wealthiest organisms (corporations) on earth can pollute as much as they want, while average individuals that smoke may not be able to get health care. I do think smoking is stupid and very harmful, but shouldn't we still take care of those that are misguided or addicted? Thanks guys. Drop me a line if you'd like.

blr said...

As much as I hate smoking for all of the usual reasons- I wonder about health care restrictions. It seems to me it is just another way for governments to find a way of collecting for something and not paying out. No smokers, no obese people, ....what next. No drinkers? What about people who don't exercise?
It just gives a lot of control to people I don't necessarily trust with my stamps, let alone my health.

In NYC smoking is banned just about everywhere. It is great for those of us who don't smoke- and it works. I have 3 friends who gave up smoking within a few months of the bar ban. The few who still do, smoke much less.

Paula said...

It wont just be smoking though will it that stops us having the care we may need on the NHS - they always go further than necessary. I can see some saying "You mean you don't jog twice a day?!" back down the list; "You mean you don't eat your sprouts?!" back down the list. It basically, to my mind, spells the end of the NHS - it wasn't much to rely on anyway but it's all we have. And yes Lelly, the crap management is to blame for all the NHS problems. Too many managers with too little sense and too much self interest - that's the problem. Now we all have to continue to pay for it while not getting the service. Typical british stupidity.

Charon said...

I heard this a few months ago and from it I developed another theory from it.
What if global warming is partly caused by all the people breathing out carbon dioxide?
Maybe a population thinning is in order...

FeButterfly said...

I think many people are coming to the conclusion that the "Welfare State" is no longer affordable. Some elements of personal responsibility are necessary as we have all become free riders in some ways and we are aware that something is there to help us out if we need it. Smokers and burger addicts know there is health insurance, polluters know that winds and tides will take the toxins away and politicians know that people forget things. The difficulty lies in where to draw the line between collective and personal responsibility and what is affordable as a society.