Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Top 10 List

Since it's the end of the year why not have a top 10 list. Mine is not a list of what has happened this year. I'm looking to see what our top 10 environmental priorities are going forward. I found one at the BBC and it covers everything. So our top 10 environmental issues for next year are to try and improve everything. I know "they" say to set small goals and work your way up but what do "they" know anyway?

I think we all need to do a lot more. Being proactive about issues in our local community is a great place to start. I also feel that we, as consumers and citizens, need to realize our power. We are the ones that buy stuff. We are the ones that vote. We are the ones that are harmed by our decisions at the register and at the ballot box. We impact our friends, family, neighbors and global citizens. Once we realize how our individual decisions impact everything we can tackle all ten of those issues.

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