Sunday, December 30, 2007

Workplace Hazards with Pesticides

A long time ago I wrote about pesticides and breast cancer and how woman in certain occupations had higher rates of cancer. I just found this article about pesticides being related to other ailments. I'm sure we are ingesting a lot more than we think and do not know the impact on our health. Is organic food the answer? How "organic" can it be since the whole world is polluted? Can we stop eating food and just live on supplements?

I'm not sure what the answer is but we are really in need of one. I'm particularly afraid of the combination of pesticides ingested with plastic leaching into food because those chemical reactions are unknown and probably unpredictable.

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I really worry that we can't escape the toxins. Even though we may choose to live our lives in ways that we believe are more eco-friendly and healthy, we are directly impacted by those who do not. I don't use pesticides and chemicals on my lawn but my neighbors do so it's still unsafe to swim in the lake?

We can't possibly poison ourselves and take and take and not expect negative side effects.

Even depending on supplements is a risk since most of them are made in China and therefore imply certain risks lately.

Plastic is not our friend outside essential applications. Plastic never disappears.

My work now is reusing and creating alternatives to plastic bags. Just a start...

Anonymous said...

We can't escape toxins. What we can do is work to eliminate them and to clean up what we have polluted. I know, it seem impossible. But from what I am reading in the environmental blogs, we have a pretty good start. If each individual works at it, it will grow hopefully and soon we will have a cleaner world.

Supplements are not the answer. Our bodies need food and water to work well. Supplements are just another way for the corporations to make more money at our expense.

What I'm doing is trying to clean up my own world by not using chemicals and pesticides and to not be wasteful and also not take the medicines that western medicine pushes. It's not perfect but it's what I can do. Hopefully it will have some impact.


FeButterfly said...

I can't agree more with the above comments. The message that I am trying to get across is that if we are all aware of how we are impacting our health and the world around us we can make changes to help ourselves and our environment. If more and more people make little changes they will add up to big differences. Thanks for commenting and good luck in making your world, and our world, a healthier place.

NIRILE said...

i think that this issue and the above one (about cigarettes) really begins to speak toward the need to change our scale of living.

there are many cases of catholic saints and other "holy" people living off little more than water and their love of their vision of god.

our bodies run on electricity and there is constant electricity all around us.

Look at leukemia and other energy production related cancers. our bodies are constantly exposed to vast numbers of differently vibrating waves, but this is the material of the universe.

when we have to opportunity to change our personal vibrations, we need to take advantage of that.

what i mean is what margaret mead said.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

carefully pursuing change in your everyday life can create powerful ramifications in your life, which can make dependence on wasteful life styles easier.

and to get back to the tobacco, its a sacred plant. i get antsy any time control over a sacred plant is spoken about. its a matter of consumption.