Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Toxic Body

How toxic is your body and where do you get toxins from? I found a graphic with more information at Toxic Nation. It outlines where and how we are exposed and the site also has tips on how to reduce your exposure. They have a handy Top 10 list on how to detoxify. Tis the season for Top 10 lists so I added another one.

Chemicals have become so ubiquitous in our environment that I'm afraid there is no escape. It may be too late to minimize the exposure we have already had and some will undoubtedly persist in the environment. Hopefully we can come up with a way to help our bodies filter these out.


Devin said...

Yet another thing to be scared of.

Sudi said...

What do you know about deodorants... ive heard they can be pretty bad. Do different types toxify your body less?

Thomas James Sanders said...

I've been looking for something like this. Great post.

Dangerous Op-Eds said...

Good post, but more information might be nice. Just being scary doesn't really help, does it?

Sister Sassy said...

Great list- I need to really go through these and see how i can decrease my toxins. But buying organic can be so expensive...sigh. Thanks for the tips!

FeButterfly said...

I'll comment in response to as much as I can in the preceding comments.

There are deodorants that do not use parabens or aluminum type products. They are about double the price and work reasonably well. Some are not as good as others so you have to find what works for you. They will feel different too. Not bad products generally.

I'm not trying to be scary with my posts. I am trying to provide enough information to encourage people to make decisions for themselves that will help them and the planet. Some people may not feel the toxins are that big a threat and do not need to much info. As much as I would like all of us to move to environmentally friendly lifestyles nobody can be forced. It is up to people to get their own info and make their own decisions.

Buying organic is costly but should be worth it. On Nov 21, 2006 I wrote a post titled Chemical Free Home which has a link to a product called the Lotus which uses ozonized water to wash fruits and vegetables and minimize the need to purchase organic, according to the product.

NIRILE said...

detoxifying your life can actually be cheaper and less scary.

house plants are a good way to increase indoor air quality.

NASA's even done studies:


the problem is finding the resources in your local communities.

many areas now have farmer's markets.

buying locally produced organic goods increases the demand and can help shift prices.

many of these same areas may have seed collecting resources.

additionally, the more local you eat, the less energy you use (for the transportation of the food over long distances) in fact, most of the transportation results in more chemicals in your food to keep it till it gets to your mouth.

as small locally eating groups spring up, the easier it will become and the more people will be doing it.

small steps are the best to take.

look at the chemicals in your place of residence.

do you really smell so bad all the time that you need deodorants? if your sweat is that smelly, you may be eating something bad.

what do you clean your house, clothes and dishes with? vinegar and baking soda goes a long way towards cleaning cheaply.

soaking dishes and using rougher cleaning implements can reduce the use of harsh chemicals there.

as you become more aware of the small differences changing these things makes, the more you will want to change and be able to find solutions.

Julia Borsos said...

Hear we are, killing ourselves in this lovely cycle. It's rather frightening, isn't it? I wonder how long the human race will last...

Julia Borsos said...

You cover a lot of interesting topics. I wonder if we'll find a way to preserve the environment in the future... maybe all we'll have left are our digital photos... soon the only recent photos of nature will be 3D models. Awful. Too bad we're do disconnected from nature to do anything about it.

EOMONROE said...

i once read that a study was done, and it found that the human body in the year 2000 had over 100 additional chemicals in it than the human body of 1900.

a great website i frequent is jim mercola, its great, another toxic item many overlook , is the microwave, and cell phone.

Gatesunder said...

I just found your blog and from the first few posts I have read I think I shall continue to come back.

I'll have to keep on the lookout for some of the stuff on that top ten list.

HealthNut said...

Toxins + Mineral Deficiency = a pretty rough time. Thanks for the great link with all of those tips! Check out my blog for some more ideas on detoxing, if you want to.

Kim said...

This has been something that I have been trying to tell my friends for years! I was finally able to start losing weight AND have gotten rid of many of my "food" allergies. I started using a NATURAL product and have been VERY pleased with it thus far. You can check out http://www.weightlossmom.com to see what it is that I am using. I also have converted my whole home over to eco-sensitive products and have not had to give my son an asthma treatment for a year now!

Diva said...

I have recently been diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) caused by over exposure to all the chemicals and toxins in our world and an already weak immune system. Now I can no longer work and I rarely go out of my house becuase of all the perfumes, air fresheners, chemicals, etc. that I may come in contact with. We try to only buy organic/non-toxic cleaning and personal care products, and as many organic food and beverage items we can get a hold of. It can be quite difficult as we live in a small rual city and organics still haven't really caught on yet. As to the cost of these products? Yes, some of them can be expensive, but it is really worth it. My health has improved, some what, since we made the switch and we really notice the difference when we can't get organics. I do believe that the more consumers buy and demand organic product, the more they will become available and the cost will go down. It's not only better for your body but also for the environment as organics are produce without chemicals and toxins. Don't be afraid of the cost it really is worth it in the end.