Thursday, March 26, 2009

Self-Sufficiency and Being Eco-Friendly

In writing the blog over the last few years I have raised my own awareness and of those around me. Sometimes I doubt if I'm doing enough to make a difference and whether it is even eco-friendly in any definition. I'm probably like most people: living between worlds of eco-friendly and regular life. One thing I have noticed noticed is that self-sufficiency is one of my main goals. You can define that any way you like. I found a blog called Walnut Spinney that is about a family striving for self-sufficiency. They seem to be further down the road than most and offer an inspiring story. I think self-sufficiency is an integral part of environmental stewardship because we can better appreciate finite resources. The grocery store never runs out of everything and it is always a short drive away. If you're being self-sufficient you have to manage better and by doing so waste less.

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