Monday, August 11, 2008

Will Green Regulation Backfire?

Many times we find government regulation to be a burden. So many aspects of daily life are regulated. With increasing focus on environmental issues it is inevitable that green regulations will be implemented. This will also lead to things that may go too far for some. Take the example of a town in Germany where regulations mandating solar power for every home have been implemented. There has been some opposition to this measure.

Regardless of the policy, finding the right amount of regulation to achieve the desired effect. Unfortunately, few places integrate regulations on environment, energy and economy. If this were accomplished then it would be easier as these three elements would be geared to the same general goal. Many countries have a patchwork of policies and regulations and it is impossible to achieve all the positive outcomes desired. Over time I hope more is done to harmonize the general policy direction so the rest can follow more easily.

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