Thursday, August 07, 2008

Green News from Big Companies

I am usually not that interested in "green" stories from big companies. However, I found two yesterday that I think will have broader impacts.

The first is Nissan testing a new electric vehicle and a hybrid. Generally not a big deal since many car companies are working on something like this. The second is Dell going carbon neutral through various measures 5 months ahead of schedule.

These events in isolation are generally not a big deal. However, these companies are moving major aspects of their operations towards environmentally sustainable goals. When large companies like this move they take their supply chain with them. This has broader effects on the economy. Nissan is one more automaker that need batteries and hybrid technology that will drive suppliers to improve the products they have and it trickles down. Dell has found renewable energy sources for their locations meaning that there has to be a supply which brings down the cost and can create more supply for others. As more companies begin engaging in large scale initiatives like these environmental solutions will achieve the critical mass and scale needed to make them the norm rather than the exception.

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