Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Organic Food Value

Food is getting more expensive. Organic food already is so getting good value is important. How to get the best value for your buck? Check out this list at Greenopolis. The real beauty of this one is that it says what you should buy organic and what you don't need to by comparing pesticide load. This can shave a few dollars off the grocery bill and still keep you eating healthy. Pesticides are not the only concern but a notable one.

I think growing a few yourself if you can is a good bet. Check out Patti over at Garden Girl TV for tips on how to do some small scale gardening at home and you can grow what you like.

1 comment:

BBC said...

I would like to raise an organic pig. He, he, he.

I like non organic crap, those pesticides keep the bugs off me. And the preservatives help preserve me. *LOL*

Hell, I'm sixty-five years old and ready to get off this frigging planet anyway. Remember, life is uncertain, eat dessert first. I had apple pie for breakfast. It came from Safeway, hell their crap will last at least a month without refrigeration.

Important shit to know if the power goes out long term, need your food to be tough and hold up then.

Don't pay any attention to me, I've been listening to George Carlin. Give him a try being as you are already crazy anyway. :-)