Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Parasitic Power

I have written about vampire power in the past but parasitic power is a phrase I just noticed yesterday. Vampire power is the electricity use that is drawn from all the things around the house that are "off" but waiting for you to activate them i.e. television. I interpret parasitic power as a way to generate electricity on the back of another process. Industry has used this for some time where they will use "waste" from one process and generate power with it. I found a small wind generator that runs from the air blowing out of the air conditioner and that is where I saw the phrase used. An excellent idea and I love seeing projects like this being built out there. This one could be used to provide power outside the house for something else. There are probably many other areas where parasitic power generation could be deployed we just have to be creative.

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BBC said...

Small wind turbines are cute but can't make much power. Just things to mess with really.

You can get free energy if you wrap the right amount of wire around the electric companies wires. If you don't actually tap into their lines you are not really stealing from them.

But that isn't the way they see it. LOL