Thursday, June 26, 2008

Can Renewable Energy Change Everything?

There is a growing interest in the economics of renewable energy as well as the environmental benefits. New investment products for the renewable sector are being launched and coverage of the solar and wind companies in the stock market is increasing. The world operates on electricity and according to an article in the Economist, global electricity use could double by 2050. With rising prices of fossil fuels, heightened environmental awareness and growing demand for energy renewable energy is at the point where they can become viable economically. This article also discusses the potential economic boom and the impacts. A very interesting read.

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BBC said...

Okay, so just exactly what is renewable energy? Non polluting that is. And can you sell it to the rest of the world, will the capitalists jump on it?

Not if they can't make big bucks off of it. But I'm pretty much free of them so screw them.

I don't have a water bill, a garbage bill or many of the other bills that others have. Just a bill for electricity, and I just might master that one of these days.

Now get back to work to pay your bills, I'm going camping. :-)