Monday, April 14, 2008

Home Improvement and Construction

Despite the current problems in the housing market home improvement is still something many people do and home construction continues. If we look at our homes there are many areas we can improve to minimize environmental impact. Water use, electricity, heating and cooling, and materials used are some of the areas where improvements can be made.

Window replacement is something that many people do. Mike Holmes, who has a popular TV show and writes for the Globe and Mail, recently wrote about energy efficient replacement windows and what to look for. There are many options and energy efficient ones are more widely available than ever.

When it comes to new home construction or more extensive renovations environmental concerns can be addressed in just about every area. It is unlikely that any home will have zero impact but you can strive to keep it to a minimum. Another article in the Globe and Mail highlights many of the developments in green homes in the Toronto area.

"Green" has permeated just about every aspect of our lives these days. Home improvements and construction should be no exception.

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