Thursday, April 10, 2008

Find Out if Renewables are Right for Your Location

A new site has started providing free data for wind and solar energy installations. Basically, it helps determine if they will suitable for your site. Check out Firstlook and I believe you need to register to get all the data.

If you are planning a PV installation or wind turbine this site can help you figure out from the beginning if it will be able to generate power based on solar irradiation or wind speeds. You'll need some knowledge and ability to interpret and apply the data.

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BBC said...

I don't think they would let us put up a lot of wind generators here, if any. The vain people running this town would fuss about how they think it should look, all pretty and Martha Stewart like.

I recycled some computers on Saturday, this country needs to come up with a cheaper way to recycle them.

As computers age and are replaced they often get passed on down the line and sooner or later end up in the hands of those with limited incomes that can not afford the recycling fees.