Thursday, April 24, 2008

All Trails Lead Back to Overpopulation

This article links current population and projected growth to many environmental problems. A well written piece that has compelling arguments.

The only problem I have is with the solution. We either need a lot of people to die or a lot of people to start using/wasting a lot less. Unfortunately, I think the waste reduction will happen after it is too late.

All Trails Lead Back to Overpopulation


Paula said...

what about zero population growth? The best thing you can do for the planet is to not have any children...however...just having one or at least a small family is more sustainable these days than having 10 kids ya know.

FeButterfly said...

I just found the article interesting. I think the endless consumption is what drives the resource scarcity. If we took all the resources in the world and divided it by all the people would there be enough? What standard of living would we all have? I don't know the answers and I'm not suggesting redistribution but we need to figure something out. Maybe we'll never run out of anything?

Gareth Thomas Searle said...

Stop consumption, and we stop the world economy as we know it. Capitalism will cease to exist in its current form.
Not a bad thing, but it wont happen until the icebergs are melted (and they have mined all the oil from under them)
I believe that our greedy self-centered consumerist culture cannot be stopped or even slowed down until we are out of oil, gas, drinkable water, cheap food. Basically what I'm getting at here is that there is no stopping this huge juggernaut of consumption. I'm extremely negative today.
But seriously the average Joe is not gonna be able to live with out the creature comforts that we are sold to make our lives richer and more rewarding. Just have to watch a hair conditioner advert to see how far we have come, nothing but microscopic nano energy particles that rejuvenate and revigorate will do. It must leave the hair feeling 'new' 'fresh' and 'alive'. It must make help us find a sexual partner.
Like i say, very negative.