Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Growing the Lawn

Many people have lawns. A lot of them are obsessed with growing the "perfect" lawn. I had a post last year about lawns and their impact. Recently I watched a short film titled Gimme Green about America's lawn obsession. The film is described as a humorous look at this obsession but it also makes you realize how far we have to go to become sustainable and sensible. We clearly have to change our perception of what is aesthetically pleasing and put it in the context of how it will affect our lives. If you get a chance watch the film and maybe change your lawn care habits or replace your lawn with something else.


BBC said...

Helen has a lot of grass in her yard, I have some in mine. We don't do anything to it, water or fertilize it.

I mow it when I have to, that is all. It turns brown in the summer at times but who cares, it comes right back with rain.

green mormon architect said...

Awesome - I actually just did a post on this yesterday - too bad I didn't see this first. The guy in the video you posted (several years ago) just came out with a book and has an extensive website with a ton of great info.
I'll be sure to check out the video.