Thursday, March 13, 2008

Genetically Modified Foods

I'll admit that I don't know a lot about genetically modified foods. I'm not sure what they really are or what it really means. I think more foods than we think are genetically modified to increase production and to fit into current industrial farming practices. Some dangers of genetically engineered foods according to PSRAST are:

  • Animals have become seriously ill or died from Genetically Engineered (GE) foods
  • Hazardous genes from GE foods that you eat can become inserted into your own genes
  • An unexpected poison killed 37 persons eating a food supplement produced by GE bacteria. This disaster was not coincidental:
  • Top researchers confirm that genetic engineering is inherently unsafe and unpredictable. It may therefore generate unexpected harmful substances in GE food
  • The present procedure for assessing the safety of GE foods is not designed to detect unexpected substances
  • Therefore, harmful substances may appear in GE food approved as food
  • Still, GE foods are sold in most food stores in the US and in many other countries
  • In the US and Canada, they are not even labeled
I'm not sure as to this science behind this but if it were totally false I'm sure somebody would have been sued by now. If you want to avoid genetically engineered foods look at the list at Greenpeace.


BBC said...

I not too concerned about them, they may be needed someday to feed the world the way things are getting.

But it is new science and needs to be better understood, I think that in time it will come up with some great foods that may help mankind survive.

Who knows, that's just what I think at this time.

As for your earlier post about computers I keep mine for years. Did buy a new one recently and recycled the old one on Yahoo Freecycle.

MixinMike said...

We may as well just roll over and die, did you see the list of products that are likely to contain GE ingredients!! I shop at Trader Joe's for the most part and our family eats beyond super-healthy. I'm not sure there is any way to avoid GE.