Thursday, February 28, 2008

Use your junk, I mean extra stuff

Many of us have lots of stuff hanging around that we just can't throw out because of the waste it creates. Just because I'm not using it doesn't mean it isn't useful. Via Hugg I found out about ReadyMade magazine and how they run MacGyver contests on using old things to make new ones. There are lots of sites on the internet that have a similar theme but I liked this contest because it had people making useful things out of old umbrellas. The magazine runs a challenge, like make something out of old umbrellas, and people respond. If you're handy or have stuff that you know can be used check the site and see if you can use any of the projects.

I think I have my network problems sorted out so I should be back to my regular posting schedule. Thanks for your patience and for sticking around.

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