Thursday, September 13, 2007

Save Paper Already

It makes me crazy with the "electronic age" generating more paper than ever. Seems like people are afraid of losing everything with a computer crash so they print loads of stuff. Thanks Windows. Maybe switching to Linux would be an environmentally friendly choice. I'll look into it.

Paper generated at offices through meetings, seminars, presentations and work in general is astounding. "Don't Make It, Don't Take It" is a good motto that I found at a blog post with the same title. Has some tips on how to reduce the paper you create or use. As most tips with an environmental benefit it requires a change in behavior and preferences. A lot of people have problems with digital "paper products" because they find it harder to read or they don't want to lose it. It is probably a generational thing as well. Since the largest segment of the population is between 45 and 65 they are less likely to go digital with everything due to less lifetime exposure to computers. Today's teenagers will probably not read a newspaper so the future of paper reduction looks good.

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