Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Automotive News

There is a lot of news on the automotive front with the Frankfurt Auto Show. Concept cars with alternative sources of fuel and better for the environment etc. You can easily find anything with a Google search, regular media or automotive websites. I haven't heard anything discussing the automobile's extinction or that we need a different transportation model. Just new fuel.

Speaking of new fuel, we've heard stories about water as a fuel before. John Kanzius, a cancer researcher, found by putting radio frequencies through salt water it would burn. Hydrogen is generated and as the frequencies remain applied it burns. Now the prospect exists to use saltwater as fuel. He will be applying for government funding shortly to determine if the burning is of enough intensity to power machinery of any kind. Full story here.

Sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately, humans will use it if it works and then the we'll take all the fish out of the oceans so we can get at the saltwater easier. Then we'll use up all the saltwater driving to the grocery store and back buying farmed seafood.

I think it is a great development and fantastic scientific feat. However, because saltwater is so abundant we will use it like it will never run out. We need more long-term thinking and less waste and consumption if we plan on making it.

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