Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Will the real greeny please stand up?

An excellent article I found from Alternative Consumer posted at Radar Online, called Green Fakers, goes into how hypocritical celebrities keep telling us how to live without doing the same thing. I know it is difficult to do it all but when you have that kind of money you can afford to be 100% green and still reap the rewards of positive publicity. I think celebrities, like politicians and corporations, are trying to get in on the action to avoid being left behind and lose publicity and profits. I would fit that under greenwashing.

I hope I'm not preaching from this site. I try to provide information for people to make informed decisions that fit their lifestyle while considering the environmental impact. For "average" citizens it is much more difficult but lifestyle choices need to be made if we want to make a difference. I think everyone gets a little upset with hypocrisy. It's even worse when you can afford to not be one and still are.

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