Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Automotive Greenwashing

Toyota has been hailed as the leader in automotive efficiency and technology. It is no secret that they have also been trying to rebrand themselves as an American automaker that is in touch with consumers and is not disrupting employment in the domestic auto sector.

Part of this is to promote new environmental initiatives that will support the perception that they are an environmental leader because of the Prius. They have announced changes at some manufacturing facilities including PV for electricity. As TreeHugger pointed out they are only making press releases about future plans and have not actually done anything yet.

On the other side, Subaru has a plant in Indiana that has made some pretty remarkable achievements. Read about it here.

Greenwashing is something that will spread to every possible industry until the spotlight and celebrity rock concerts move on to another worthy cause. If you plan on buying products from environmentally friendly companies look at results and not plans to do something.

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