Thursday, June 21, 2007

Changing to Green

Many people want to limit there environmental impact. Where to begin? I recently posted 100 Ways to Save the Environment but not all of those might apply to you or you want more.

CBC, the Canadian public broadcaster, has a few sections on their website that can give you more interactive information on how to live in a more environmentally sound way. One section, Living Green, has reports on how other people have converted to solar or what to do with dandelions. Another section, Going Green, has video clips on eco-camps for kids, organic food delivery and more. These sites may give you ideas on things you can do. I encourage you to do your own research if you plan on making changes. Some things may not be suitable for you or based on where you live may not work at all. I know it is difficult to calculate your own environmental impact but taking the right steps could help you minimize it.

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