Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A new food guide

Canada has had a food guide offering suggestions or guidelines on dietary choices. They just released a new version. The guide is available here. It has an interesting interactive feature that you can find your dietary guidelines based on age and sex. It's interesting.

I think healthy eating is something that requires constant monitoring and effort. Just like an investment portfolio. You have to keep up with it to get the best return. There is no doubt that it is difficult to eat properly with all the "convenient" options available. Some days people just don't want to think and try to prepare a meal and take a shortcut. Your personal health situation will obviously dictate how you can eat. There are certain things that we should probably avoid totally but everyone has something they really like and don't want to give up. I try to eat what I find healthy and best for my family while allowing room for some fun stuff like pizza and chocolate. There is enough information for everyone to make informed choices and the new food guide only adds to that.

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Anonymous said...

Loved the guide! Great site BTW!!!