Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Electric Cars

I read an interesting list at Autoblog Green noting 10 electric cars that are available for purchase. Unlike the Chevy Volt or Tesla they are a little more readily available. I remember a few years ago reading about a company that would convert old Renaults into electric cars. That company, Feel Good Cars, now makes the ZENN, which stands for Zero Emissions No Noise. I like the look of it and on their site they have a calculation of conventional car costs compared to the ZENN. Maybe a little small depending on where you have to commute and the distance. I'm pretty excited about the availability of new technologies in the transportation sector. Some concerns are that while using plug-in electric vehicles will reduce CO2, it will be offset if they are charged by coal generated electricity. If your house is powered by solar or wind then I guess you could be carbon neutral on that front. Like any new technology, economies of scale and consumer demand will determine if it is viable in the longterm.

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Buggy said...

I hope to some day be able to purchase one for me and my family.