Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Barack Obama and the Environment

So he's popular for many reasons. But what is his position on the environment? In previous posts I've linked to sites to get voting records on various politicians. I found an article from 2004 on Grist about his environmental stance and it sounded pretty good. Another site/blog, Global Warming Awareness, gives him good reviews as well.

If he were to win the presidential election in 2008 what could he change? From what I have seen he does seem to be a practical environmentalist with his support for efficiency and alternative energy. I think we've seen so many politicians come and go with great promises that we may be permanently skeptical. However, I think Obama is the first politician in a long time to really energize the public. I know George W. Bush accomplished that for the Republicans when he came and maybe Obama is only reaching the Democrats. I hope that, regardless of the winner, positive changes in our society and its relationship to the environment are a result.

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