Monday, December 18, 2006

Nuclearization of Asia

Two interesting developments surrounding nuclear energy have emerged in recent days.

The United States and India have signed a deal on exchanging nuclear energy technology and supply arrangements.

In a related story, Westinghouse secured a nuclear reactor deal with China.

Why is this interesting? The weapons proliferation aspect is particularly important especially since China will share some technology with Pakistan. The implications are interesting here as the US supplies India and China and China supplies Pakistan. The region is already tense and I'm afraid this creates additional risk.

Environmentally, nuclear power may not be the green alternative it is purported to be. The Pembina Institute has published a study that

"examines the environmental impacts of the use of nuclear energy for electricity generation in Canada through each of the four major stages of nuclear energy production: uranium mining and milling; uranium refining, conversion and fuel fabrication; nuclear power plant operation; and waste fuel management."

Do we as global citizens want nuclear energy spreading around the world?

Read these posts at GATE about China (numerous posts in the December archive) and India's environmental contributions. Finally,a post titled "Nuclear War and Climate Change" should make you feel even more warm and fuzzy.

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