Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nuclear proliferation

Nuclear power seems to be on the rise. Recently a nuclear fusion plant was`announced. This is a huge development and if it becomes a reality it will be phenomenal to say the least. ITER is the agency in charge and their site has some more detail about it.

Expanding current nuclear electrical production is hampered by two things: cost and safety concerns. In the Ontario town of Port Hope a group called Families Against Radiation Exposure are working to achieve solid regulations for the uranium processing facilities in their town.

Internationally, Canada hopes to sell reactors to Argentina. Apparently they will be able to pay despite the recent economic troubles in that country. Maybe it depends on how big the cost overruns are. Another development is that China will become the number 1 uranium consumer. The pace of economic development and resource demands in China will become a very difficult issue to manage in the future for the sustainability of the world economy and environment.

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