Sunday, December 03, 2006

Green Automotive News

There are numerous developments in environmentally friendly transportation occurring daily. In the last week I have found several articles about numerous developments relating to automobiles.

How do you think financial institutions could take action on climate change? Clean and green car loans of course. By providing lower rate car loans for vehicles that pollute less some credit unions are helping their members reduce their environmental impact.

The LA auto show also kicked off last week. The auto makers have their latest eco-friendly concept cars. Unfortunately they are just concepts as the infrastructure is to support them is lacking and it doesn't seem like increased fuel efficiency is coming soon. However, GM says they are working on plug in hybrids.

On the bright side, hybrids are making progress. I'm particularly interested in Plug-In Partners. Plugging your car in overnight to be ready the next morning sounds good to me.

As a driver could you imagine a parking lot tax. The idea was floated in Toronto last week. The City of Toronto will have new taxation powers soon and sounds like they will use it for meeting their own policy goals. The new problem will be that the city can longer blame other levels of government for lack of funds or inaction.

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