Thursday, April 11, 2013

Canadians Protest Genetically Modified Alfalfa

Throughout this week, all across the nation, Canadian farmers and concerned citizens protested against the introduction of Monsanto's Roundup Ready alfalfa. As The Institute for Responsible Technology points out, "It's the perfect storm for plant disease."  So, what do you all think happens to livestock and humans who consume these crops? Chew on this folks - Biotech lies exposed: Genetically-modified corn contains practically no nutrients but is loaded with chemical poisons

Farmers, especially organic farmers, will take a serious blow if GM alfalfa is allowed.  Due to its high protein content, alfalfa is the choice feed for livestock. It is also used by organic farmers when rotating crops to fertilize the soil. Once the genetically modified alfalfa becomes widespread, organic farms will become contaminated! Can you see the ripple effect this will cause?

It comes as no surprise to me that the USDA Forces Whole Foods To Accept Monsanto and have turned a blind eye to the negative environmental and economic impacts Roundup Ready crops cause.

Chuck Noble, Conventional Sound Dakota alfalfa seed and hay grower, said it best: “Our genetic gene pool is extremely valuable, and we can’t afford to destroy it by handing it over to the biotech companies. If we've learned anything from Europe’s potato famines when millions starved to death, humans need seed variety to protect against blight and famine. Genetic engineering severely compromises that diversity." (Source: Center For Food Safety)

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