Thursday, May 24, 2012

EWGs Sunscreen Guide

The Environmental Working Group has updated their well researched and now more user friendly Sunscreen Guide. Find out which brands of sunscreen you should stay away from and those that are considered a safer alternative. I use Alba Botanica Natural Very Emollient Sunblock, Kids Mineral Protection, SPF 30  on my children, ages 3 and 7 - it works great and has a good rating on EWG. You can even download the handy, free EWG Sunscreen Buyer's Guide iPhone app.

In the past, I have used UV Naturals and Heiko Sunscreens. I found, when applied, they were greasy and left a caked-on white residue. Alba Botanica has been the best so far just stay away from the ones in their line with fragrance!

At the end of the day, limit your exposure to the sun by staying out of it when it's the strongest. If you must be out during those times, cover up with wide brim hats and other sun protective clothing. Also, don't forget about your lips!

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