Monday, February 01, 2010

"Climategate" is no Big Deal

While I was at the grocery store recently I heard two people debating the merits of climate change and how climate scientists allegedly faked data.  One of the people sounded like they obtained their opinion from talk radio and was going on and on about how the "phony" data proved that climate change is not real.  Oddly enough they managed to convince the other person that climate change is not legitimate nor has a scientific consensus.  I'm not going to use the multiple sources argument to negate this opinion.   I will use tobacco company science as the basis for my argument.  It has come out over the years that tobacco studies minimized the risks of tobacco use.  However, despite finding this out tobacco products are still widely available.  So, if faking scientific data can keep unhealthy products available in the marketplace there is no reason that we should not continue to pursue ways to minimize climate change.

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