Monday, May 04, 2009

McLibel Revisited

Seeing a McDonald's restaurant this morning made me think back to the McLibel trial.  I still find it odd that such a big company would sue people and risk something being put on the public record.  After this I wonder what corporate policy is at McDonald's or elsewhere.  It also makes me realize the power the law has over everything we do.  The McLibel case reminds us that the law is there for everyone and it can be used to level the playing field.  For a more thorough analysis of corporations in society watch The Corporation or check out POCLAD.

I'm not pro or anti corporations or anything like that.  I just think we all need to make decisions with complete information and be sure that we take the responsibility of citizenship seriously.  If people are aware of what is going on around them then they can choose to do something about or not.  Passing through life on cruise control is not an option.   One thing I'm not is a legal expert so I can't say for sure what role corporations are playing in our society. You don't know until you look.

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