Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Healthiest Foods

Normally, I have made posts about unhealthy foods and the downsides associated with them. I found a list of 33 healthiest foods on Earth. They are fruits and vegetables and there is table that lists them and their benefits.

As I gather more and more information about food and health it looks like fruits and vegetables are the only way to go. I guess the transition to being a vegetarian is the hardest and it probably won't be any easier during BBQ season. In our home we have tried to minimize meat consumption and make a conscious effort to eat vegetarian dinners several times a week and at least one meal a day. Changing habits around eating will be the hardest part as your body will adapt, and over time, I'm sure you'll find the thought of steak unappealing. Also, if you can grow a lot of your own you can have fun gardening and minimize your pesticide intake too.

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