Monday, March 30, 2009

What if Peak Oil is Real?

I don't mean to be a purveyor of doom and gloom but what if peak oil is real and happening now? Most of us have enjoyed the comforts of cheap and accessible everything. If that ends what will happen? Everything we have hinges on readily available crude oil. What if oranges are only available in Florida? Can we survive without lettuce in February in norther climates? Are we capable of surviving a forced conversion to local everything?

Comparing the current economic crisis to the depression era should be more than an exercise in analyzing charts. In those days people did a lot more on their own. Growing food, repairing clothes, living without as much entertainment and enjoying the company of others seemed more prevalent than today. If peak oil happens and we experience significant scarcity we need to prepare to change everything we do. I'm not sure we're close to preparing to prepare.

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