Friday, February 20, 2009

Carbon Capture and the Oil Sands

President Obama has hinted at a green energy policy that would limit "dirty" sources of fuel, like the oil sands. During yesterday's meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister the issue was discussed but no details were given. Canada has hinted at developing carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology to make the oil sands development cleaner. Sounds great except for two things. CCS has yet to be developed and more energy is used in extracting crude than is gained from the use of it. Further, the amount of water used in the process is another point of concern. Rather than sinking an unknown amount of money into an unproven technology why don't we just use less energy and begin using real clean energy?

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FeButterfly said...

One point I forgot to mention (despite the fact it is obvious) is that CCS is a huge benefit to the coal industry and power producers. If you can make coal emissions have less to zero CO2 by burying it guess how energy independence is achieved while fighting global warming?