Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why RFK Jr won't be EPA Chief

There has been some speculation about the selection of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. being selected as head of the EPA. This is a long shot, in my opinion, for a number of reasons.

During the campaign Obama cited clean coal while RFK is not a fan. Right off the bat I think that will be a significant hurdle if the Obama administration wants to tackle energy policy. I also think the RFK idea is a trial balloon that will be allowed to float away. As retreads from the Clinton years are posted in the new adminstration the mention of a new face, and a Kennedy no less, will appease the change seekers. It is starting to look like the Obama administration will be much more pragmatic and incremental than change seeking. Not that RFK is a zealot but he would be a radical departure from the usual people selected to cabinet posts and heads of government aganecies. His policy direction for the EPA would significantly differ from the incremental approach I expect from the Obama administration. I don't think any of the appointments will be real surprises.

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