Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Should Some Places be Off Limits?

Solar panels and windmills are going to become a significant part of our landscape. In a Spanish city they put solar panels on mausoleums in a cemetery. Should there be places that are off-limits for renewable energy development? Should we use criteria for renewable development like we do for natural resource extraction?

These are tough questions that we need to answer. I think we need to change the paradigm in which we evaluate everything we do. As a society we need to determine whether we will change our consumption driven economic model. Based on what we are seeing unfold in the daily "bailouts" and "stimulus" it looks like business as usual will continue for some time. Whether that is good or bad remains to be seen,


Robert said...

I would say, that it depends on how it is being used. Is used to light a signs or pathways? Yes they should use solar. If they are used simply to light a headstone I would have to draw the line.


FeButterfly said...

From what I read I understood that they were there to generate electricity for the city.