Monday, October 20, 2008

Reusable, Waste Free Lunch Kit by Kids Konserve™

There are some startling statistics regarding the amount of garbage created from packing a lunch for school. According to Kids Konserve 67 pounds per year of lunchtime waste are generated by children every year. Taking a homemade lunch is quite important from a health perspective so you can ensure that you're sending them to school with the best. You can't control if they trade it away but you're doing what you can. The Kids Konserve lunch kit is another way to reduce waste in your everyday life.


Julia said...


I just came across your post on waste free lunches.

You may be interested in this post on waste free lunch programs which includes a video with suggestions on how to pack a waste free lunch.

Also here's a link to a site where you can purchase 4 different customizable Waste Free Lunch Kits.


Lunchbox Obsessed said...

In response to Julia's comment: those waste free lunch kits are cool! I hadn't seen those yet... if only they didn't cost $80!! Although you would save that amount of money in less than a month by packing a lunch instead of eating out...