Thursday, October 23, 2008

Recycling Computer Hardware

I think I missed the boat on Blog Action Day. However, it does not mean that I can't still bring attention to something from that event. Lifehacker had a post about donating old computer hardware. You clear up some storage space, save electronics from the scrap heap and help out people and organizations that could use the hardware.

I know some jurisdictions have introduced electronic recycling levies and things but I haven't heard about whether those programs are effective or having any impact. Looks like individuals will have to take responsibility for their own electronics.


UPS Power Solutions said...

How to Donate Old Hardware can you let me know about this..

FeButterfly said...

Follow the link in the post to go to an article that has a list. Also, read through these posts for other ideas.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard much on recycling hardware either,but I would think it would better to keep the computers and other hardware out of the dumps. I say we use recycle-it hardware companies to properly dispose or reuse our old hardware.

Recycle computersUK said...

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