Thursday, October 30, 2008

McCain/Palin Policies

After last night's Obama show I don't see how the Republican ticket has a chance. That being said I found a good article that sums him up on the environmental front.

I think we have all accepted that politicians will not do everything they say and will say anything to get elected. However, we can't forget what they have actually done. I've written in the past about finding voting records of your local representatives. The reality is citizens need to be more involved in the political process and policy making process.


BBC said...

It's been a while since I had time to visit you. We vote by mail here and I turned mine in last week. Voted for Obama of course, but just voted for the lessor of two evils.

I think that he will get in but I don't expect things to improve any.

Whatever, I saw it all coming and I'm sitting pretty good so that I can get through it all.

My place is free and clear and I owe the world very little and have double the income I need to get by.

And I live in an area where I can head into the mountains and do just fine. I hope that you do also.

BBC said...

If you are not going to allow my comments I'm not going to visit this blog anymore. Good bye. said...

Sarah Palin says:

"Drill, drill, drill, mine, mine, mine"

Incredible words in 2008, I really hope Obama wins because it will be an environmental catastrophe of biblical proportions if McCain takes the lead...

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FeButterfly said...

I didn't publish the comments right away because I have not been online. Sorry, but I won't publish profanity either. Not that I'm to good to use it, but I hope I have a wide range of readers and some may be offended by reading it in print. I still read yours and get a laugh but can't publish all of them. Hope you don't mind and hope you'll be back.