Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Could you greenwash this?

I don't think it comes as any real news that John McCain is wealthy. To see how wealthy he is compared to Obama, and "average" Americans for that matter, is really an eye opener. How can we ever take any environmental policy seriously from a guy who has 7 houses, 10 cars and a private jet?!?!?! I wonder if anyone has any way they could greenwash McCain? Sure he has a Prius but come on...

I found the photo on Gawker by clicking on a link posted by someone I follow on Twitter.

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Blake said...

This is an intersting post. I do agree it is a good idea to eliminate our impact on the environment.
This is why i order products from a company that makes their containers from recycled materials and their products contain no chemicals or things that hurt the environment.
I have at great cost improved my heater, AC unit and added addition insulation and better windows to reduce the power i use.
I try to refrain from using my car more than necessary which actually helps me to be more healthy by walking more.
Thanks for the post.