Thursday, September 18, 2008

Plenty of $ for Bailouts but Nothing Else

I have written in the past about the cost of converting the U.S. to renewable/solar economy. That plan looks cheap compared to the financial bailout being fashioned for stock traders who got caught up in a mess of their own making. I don't know who said but I heard a quote on the radio that basically says capitalism without financial failure and losses is socialism for the rich. That is what we have today. Government bailouts for people losing money on "financial engineering"and money continues to be wasted on an unjustified war while a new economic model could be built. Now we have a bankrupt government rescuing bankrupt companies with money from bankrupt citizens. Looks like a model for continued success!!!!

Despite my ranting I have a point. If looking for new directions and positive ideas were the focus rather than business as usual this mess would not be happening and we would live in a more stable world, environmentally, economically and for national security. Unfortunately, it looks like more of the same is what is coming...


BBC said...

Despite my ranting I have a point. If looking for new directions and positive ideas

You can't change anything hon, you don't even have many readers here. Sadly, none of us can change anything. I hate that but that is the way it is.

So all you can really do is take care of yourself and your needs. And be ready for hard times and being okay with them.

That is what I do, but I can get by on little and be thankful for it.

All I need is a roof over my head and a little food and a little beer and some company.

Well, a hand to hold and some hair to brush but that never shows up, but at least I have everything else.

BBC said...

Look hon, if they could figure out how to make billions off of it they would jump on that train, but with the wind being free there isn't much money in any of it except for selling some windmills.

The bailout is the only way they can get the taxpayers to pay for it all so that they don't have to.

So you have two options, keep working to help pay for it, or quit working and don't help them.

I quit, I love to work, but fuck them, I can find plenty of other ways to keep busy and I know how to live cheap so don't need more money anyway.