Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Electric Car News

Recently some video footage of the Chevy Volt surfaced. Now more footage and information can be found on AutoblogGreen about the Volt. Looks like it will be featured in the Transformers movie sequel.

I find this a mixed piece of news. I'm glad an electric car is getting publicity. Unfortunately, this car is not actually available yet and it is unclear as to what capability it will have. I was really excited when it was unveiled but without much happening I'm losing interest. I hope the Volt is more than a movie character. Maybe I'll have to join the homemade electric car movement.

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BBC said...

They keep improving them, and I would love to own one, if they wasn't so damn expensive.

We need a good 5000 dollar electric. Meanwhile I think I'll just get new batteries for this electric wheelchair and build a little cabin around it. Ha, ha, ha.

It's not fast but I'm not often in a hurry anyway. Hurry and scurry is for monkeys.