Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are "We" able to do it?

We can solve it is a campaign put together by the Alliance for Climate Protection. It has some compelling advertisements as you can see below. I like the idea and this particular video is straight to the point. The one thing I don't like is that it asks the leadership to do it for us. I thought we were in charge anyway so when we tell them shouldn't they react? I'm not knocking the campaign or group at all. I just think their message reflects why we are in the situation we're in. Most of the population is waiting for it to get done and feeling helpless. They are somewhat correct in saying one person can't solve the problem but if every person took personal responsibility for doing something about it would make a difference. Remember that each person contributes to the problem and the solution. Each person has a vote and can have input on policy choices. Don't shirk your responsibility and wait for it to happen.


BBC said...

Don't shirk your responsibility and wait for it to happen.

What I'm wondering is how you are doing with that being as I know that you toot a big horn but don't know how you actually live.

I think that you may be unwilling to live the way I do, but I may be wrong.

I know so little about you. You should come here and go on a camping trip so we can get to know each other better.

Don't worry, I'm harmless, Cher & others will back that up.

FeButterfly said...

By responsibility I meant civic responsibility and I do participate. I'm not tooting my own horn and I try not to preach. I'm disseminating information and trying to have people find that they can do little things on their own. By helping people become aware of what they can do and how they impact the world. I doubt I'll go camping with you but thanks for the offer. There is a difference between unwilling an incapable which is what I think you are questioning. Not sure how you live either but I don't think people debating who is living more virtuously is constructive.