Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Shopping Local

Shopping local for produce is becoming more popular as people realize the impact of their shopping habits. We are realizing that what we buy has impact far beyond our use of the product and impacts the producers, the waste stream, and more. The economy is inextricably linked to all of this. Mass retailing combined with mass production has wreaked havoc on many communities across North America. Small Biz Survival is a blog that discusses business in smaller towns in the United States. They have collected a few links about how local businesses have a larger, positive impact on local economies.

The idea to "think global act local" is truer than ever. By shopping locally for locally produced goods we can help our local economies and minimize negative global consequences. The question that will need to be answered is how do we make global trade work in relation to the environment and distributing wealth around the world?


BBC said...

It may come down to ripping up lawns and putting in our own gardens, and that's fine with me.

Non Toxic Environment Girl said...

Your post is good. The thing is that people also bargain shop on the internet and then don't support local businesses if there is a way to save money/gas by ordering online from people with little markup outside of the area. I do know though for people who don't like the internet, that they will shop very locally (ie not drive too far due to price of gas).